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Comfort Food Bundle

Comfort Food Bundle

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Savor every moment with our premium all natural Angus Comfort Food Bundle - perfect for any season, especially fall and winter. 

Immerse yourself in the rich, hearty goodness of this thoughtfully curated bundle. From cozy stews to comforting roasts, each cut tells a story of quality, care, and excellence. 

Picture the aroma of a slow-cooked roast in your home, or the satisfaction of a savory stew that warms you from the inside out. These are the moments the Comfort Food Bundle is designed for – a reminder that the best memories are often made around the dining table.

Included in the Comfort Food Bundle:

[1] Stew/Kabob approx. 1.25#

[5] Ground Beef (1# each)

[1] Chuck or Rump Roast 

[3] Cube Steak  

*Items may vary slightly from photos.

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