About TCC

Located in Oreana, Idaho, Thomas Cattle Company is a family operated Angus cattle ranch.

Thomas Cattle Company, a multi-generational family ranch in Oreana, Idaho, just one hour southwest of Boise, Idaho, helmed by Seth and Elizabeth Thomas and Logan and Kristin Thomas, specialized in raising all-natural Angus beef. Rare is a ranching operation that can successfully retain ownership through the life cycle of the animal and provide year around supply. With a large herd base, we can meet even our larger customers' needs. 

With an emphasis on humane handling practices, meticulous attention to detail, and a commitment to the herd's health, they provide direct-to-consumer sales of beef shares and wholesale beef products across Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.

Nestled in the Owyhee Mountains, their ranch spans vast acres of varied terrain, enabling the cattle to roam freely for most of the year. Their dedication extends beyond the herd, partnering with agencies for land stewardship, aiming to improve the range for their cattle and native species. With an unwavering passion for their craft, the Thomas Cattle Company team takes pride in their commitment to providing top-quality beef through their dedication to ranching and their herd's well-being.

Seth Thomas familyLogan and Kristin Thomas

In southwestern Idaho, the Thomas family raises their family and their herd in the mountain desert of the Owyhee's. With elevations that run from 2,700 feet up to 7,200 feet, there is a wide expanse of terrain for the herd to roam free, for most of the year, on tens of thousands of acres.

Thomas Cattle Company regularly partners with agencies such as the USDA and NRCS to implement programs to improve the range ground for our herd as well as other native species. TCC was featured in a 2017 BEEF magazine article, "Thomas Brothers make the ground better in Idaho's Owyhee Mountains." We believe that the better we care for our ranch land, the better we will leave it for children's future and all those who use it.

24/7/365 the team at Thomas Cattle Company approaches their roles with passion. Ranching isn't a profession you do half-heartedly. It's a commitment you make day in and day out to wake up and do your best to serve your herd. At TCC we hire the best and most passionate in the business because we know that translates to better beef for our customers.

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