• Make the Best

    This week has been a hot one. Our freezer trailer, which we keep at an ideal temp of 0 degrees, has had a hard time with the 105 degree temps.

    While this has kept me on the edge of my seat, with tens of thousands of dollars in beef product in the balance, I’ve also been reminded of a few things.

  • Merchandising Display Feature

    Thomas Cattle Company was recently featured by Popco USA in our project that we did with them to build custom meat tray dividers for our butcher counter customers. 
  • Now Hiring - Delivery Driver

    Thomas Cattle Company is hiring an enthusiastic, motivated Delivery Driver.  This team member will be responsible for managing the boxed beef that is delivered to restaurants in the Treasure Valley, as well as completing home delivery to residents throughout the Treasure Valley on Thursdays.
  • We got to feed an ALLIGATOR!

    Wow! What an experience that was. We got to go visit Corbin Maxey and feed his two alligators Thomas Cattle Company beef.  
  • Becoming a Ranch Wife

    Becoming a ranch wife…
    15 years ago, when I met Seth, I had zero idea how to be a ranch wife.
    I’m still learning to this day but I’ve come a long ways. Here’s a few things I’ve learned:
  • 22 Thoughts for 2022

    2021 was another crazy year in the world. I've compiled a list of 22 thoughts for 2022 that have crossed my mind and heart over the past 12 months. They may not be profound or fancy but they're meaningful to me. What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments! 

    1. Simple is better. The world around us is complex and trying to get our attention each and every day. Simplify, reduce and remove those people and things in your life not serving you or your goals.
  • Putting Dad in His Final Resting Place

    On our visit home to Montana, we took my dads ashes to the cemetery to place them in the columbarium.
    5 years later and it still seems unreal that I can’t call my dad to talk through an issue or have him help me solve a conflict.
  • Meet the Rancher at Neighbor Tim's BBQ

    Join us on Saturday, October 2nd at Neighbor Tim's BBQ from 11 - 1 and Meet the Rancher.
  • Discussing Drought in Idaho with CBS Channel 2 Boise

    Elizabeth Thomas, from Thomas Cattle Company, discusses the drought in Idaho and what we do at Thomas Cattle to adjust to limited water.
  • They Won't be Little Long

    I did not feel like going to the fair last night...
  • Building a New Loop is Better than Never Throwing One

    Every Sunday morning, I sit down and choose a quote to use that represents the last week and the experiences I had.
    "Building a new loop is better than never throwing one" pretty much represents my entire last year.
  • YOU Hold the Key

    The kids have been playing basketball for about three weeks now. Adeline struggled in the game this last weekend and on our drive home it was just Seth, her and me in the truck.

    From the backseat she said “I didn’t do very well tonight. I don’t think I’m very good at basketball.”