Buy Local. Eat Better: 10 Reasons to Buy Beef from Thomas Cattle Company, a Local Idaho Ranch</strong>

Buy Local. Eat Better: 10 Reasons to Buy Beef from Thomas Cattle Company, a Local Idaho Ranch</strong>

In a world where food choices abound, there's a growing movement towards embracing local and authentic companies to do business with. When it comes to beef, Thomas Cattle Company stands out as an accessible option to feed and fuel your family.

TCC beef is premium all natural Angus beef that has no added hormones or antibiotics, ever.

Nestled in the Owyhee Mountains, the ranch spans vast acres of varied terrain, enabling the cattle to roam freely for most of the year. Their dedication extends beyond the herd, partnering with agencies for land stewardship, aiming to improve the range for their cattle and native species.

With an unwavering passion for their craft, the Thomas Cattle Company team takes pride in their commitment to providing top-quality beef through their dedication to ranching and their herd's well-being.

Here are ten compelling reasons why choosing beef from TCC’s local ranch is more than just a cooking preference – it's a healthy lifestyle change that nourishes both you and your community.

1. Community Connection

Buying beef from a local ranch isn't just a transaction; it's a community-building opportunity. By choosing to support local farmers and ranchers, you contribute to your community. It's a shared experience where your choice of meat fosters connections and solidarity among neighbors.

For the last 120-150 days of their life, our cattle are fed a ration of grass and alfalfa hay, with a side of grain, all grown locally in our rural valley. Finishing with grain provides superior marbling, tenderness and rich taste in TCC all natural beef.

Your purchase is not only supporting our ranch family but also the farm families that raise the feed we finish our all-natural beef on.

2. Freshness Guaranteed

Imagine sinking your teeth into a succulent steak that's not only delicious but also at the peak of freshness. When you opt for beef from a local ranch, you're treating your taste buds in a true ranch-to-table experience. The meat doesn't have to travel far and it’s vacuum sealed, ensuring it reaches your plate at its absolute freshest.

3. Humane Handling Practices

With an emphasis on humane handling practices, meticulous attention to detail, and a commitment to the herd's health, TCC is championed for their humane handling practices for their direct-to-consumer sales of beef shares and wholesale beef products across Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.

By choosing beef sourced from Thomas Cattle Company, you align yourself with the principles of sustainable agriculture and herd care.

4. Chef Approved

TCC’s premium all natural Angus beef is a favorite among chefs for a reason. Its superior quality and taste make it a top choice for culinary experts who appreciate the best ingredients for their creations. Chefs appreciate the year around consistency of TCC beef.

Typically Thomas Cattle Company beef grades are prime or upper 1/3 choice, the top two grades of beef available, that you would receive in a nice restaurant. You get the same quality beef directly to you; at a lower price than the cost you’d pay in a nice restaurant.

5. Variety of Options

Whether you're a steak enthusiast, burger lover, or enjoy smoking a brisket on your Traeger, TCC offers a wide variety of cuts to suit every preference and family size. Shop for individual cuts, beef shares, bundles and subscription offers, perfect for any budget.

6. No Added Hormones or Antibiotics

Concerned about what goes into your food? Rest assured, Thomas Cattle Company’s premium all natural Angus beef is raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics, ever. It takes about 15% more time to get TCC cattle to harvest weight doing it without hormones, but we believe it's a wait that's worth it. It's a pure and natural choice you can feel good about.

7. Supporting Small Businesses

Choosing local beef from TCC means you’re supporting a small, family-owned business in Idaho. Your purchase directly impacts the livelihood of the Thomas family, their retail and ranch teams and their families, and local farmers, contributing to the success and sustainability of local non-industrial agriculture. It's a tangible way to invest in the heartbeat of the Idaho community.

8. Exceptional Quality

Thomas Cattle Company's premium all-natural Angus beef is known for its exceptional quality. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you're getting top-tier beef that's rich in flavor and tenderness.

“We ordered a sample bundle. Delicious! Steaks are perfect size with beautiful marbling and deep beefy taste. We will be ordering again. The ordering process and delivery system is easy and efficient. Thank you!” - Happy TCC customer, Katherine

9. Grass Fed-Grain Finished

All cattle are primarily fed on grass, promoting better health and natural growth. Terms can be misleading, as many companies include 'Grass-Fed' but don't include the details on the finishing ration for the cattle.

More clear verbiage is Grass-Fed, Grass Finished and Grass-Fed, Grain Finished. This too has some nuance to it. When you hear 'grain finished' one might assume, they are only receiving grain. Typically, it's a mixed ration that includes hay, grass hay and some type of grain.

For 85% of the life of Thomas Cattle Company beef, they graze feed in the Owyhee Mountains and our ranches in southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon. The cows and calves head up the mountains in March and then in October and November of each year, we are moving them back down the mountains to our homeplace in Oreana, ID.

10. Pasture-to-Plate Experience

Elevate your dining experience by bringing the pasture-to-plate experience straight to your home. Choosing beef from TCC allows you to savor the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your food comes from. Enjoy the freshness and quality of locally raised beef, turning every meal into a celebration.

Place your order on the TCC website and get your beef in three different ways:

Nationwide shipping every Monday
Home Delivery in theTreasure Valley, Idaho area every Thursday and Friday
Free monthly pickups at select locations in the Treasure Valley, Idaho area.

The TCC team believes that the better they care for their ranch land, the better they will leave it for their children's future and all those who use it.

24/7/365 the team at Thomas Cattle Company approaches their roles with passion. Ranching isn't a profession you do half-heartedly. It's a commitment you make day in and day out to wake up and do your best to serve your herd.

At TCC we hire the best and most passionate in the business because we know that translates to better beef for our customers.

Taste the difference of Thomas Cattle Company’s premium, all-natural Angus beef from and experience the difference that quality makes in every bite.

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