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Thomas Cattle Company

Skirt Steak

Skirt Steak

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At TCC, we believe in igniting your passion for food, and our TCC Skirt Steak is here to set your taste buds ablaze. 

Our Skirt Steak is celebrated for its bold, beefy flavor and captivating texture. Each mouthwatering slice showcases the premium quality and unforgettable taste.

Skirt Steak is known for its unique grain and marbling, which make it perfect for grilling. 

It's the perfect choice for tacos, steak salad, fajitas, stir fry or a standalone dish.  Slicing this steak is the secret to tenderness, best served cut against the grain and at an angle.  Because this steak is a thinner cut, it grills up rather quickly and evenly.  


1 steak per package

Approximately ~1.25# 

*Items may vary slightly from photos.

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