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Thomas Cattle Company

Mini Beef Share

Mini Beef Share

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The Mini Beef Share is the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a Thomas Cattle Company premium all natural angus beef share just in a smaller size. Each mini beef share includes a variety of cuts, and you will always know what you'll receive. Fill your freezer (small or big) and enjoy the delicious fresh taste of TCC premium all natural beef at home.


[10] 1# Bricks of Ground Beef

[2] T-Bone Steaks

[2] Cowboy Steak/Rib Steaks and/or Ribeye 

[2] Top Sirloin Steaks

[4] Cube Steaks

[2] Roast (Chuck or Rump)

[2] Packs of Stew Meat

[1] Pack of Short Ribs

[1] 2.5-4# Brisket OR Flank Steak OR Tri Tip

You can leave a preference for the Brisket, Flank Steak OR Tri Tip in the notes of your order. We will do our best to fulfill your preference, if inventory allows. 

Approximate weight of this share is 30#

*This Mini Beef Share will be built from on hand inventory from our freezer trailer. Due to this, all the cuts will not come from the same animal. Don't worry though, all of our animals are raised under the same humane handling practices and are certified all natural!*


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