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Thomas Cattle Company

Cowboy Steak

Cowboy Steak

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At TCC, we believe that dining should be an unforgettable journey, and our TCC Cowboy Steak is your passport to a wild and flavorful adventure. 

The TCC Cowboy Steak, often referred to as the "bone-in ribeye," is a true frontier legend. This colossal cut is celebrated for its bold, beefy flavor and impressive marbling, embodying the spirit of the American West and our commitment to culinary excellence.

The difference between a Tomahawk and a Cowboy Steak is the Tomahawk has a long-frenched bone whereas the Cowboy Steak has a short-frenched bone.

Check out our Reverse Seared Cowboy Steak with Creamy Horseradish Sauce for dinner inspiration! 

Included in Package:

1 steak per package

Average weight 1 - 1.25 lb.

*Items may vary slightly from photos.

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