Cowboy Crust Dry Rub

Let's just go ahead and start the argument now. Does a bone in steak have a different flavor profile than a boneless cut?

Many meat scientist will tell you "No." That being said, I have worked with many chefs that would never eat a steak without a bone, now was this because of the flavor, or was it because at the end of the meal you have the enjoyment of picking up that bone and finishing off every little fatty, caramelized morsel?

I'll let you decide the answer for yourself...

Today we are talking about a bone in Ribeye or on the TCC website, the Cowboy Ribeye. (A favorite cut of the Cowboys around TCC for sure!)

I do love this split bone version, which means that the bone was split during the cutting process, because this will allow some of the bone marrow flavoring to season the steak, especially if you are butter and herb basting in a hot cast iron pan.

I highly recommend this... as long as you don't have to clean your own kitchen afterwards.

For those that are more purists I would say to grill that bad boy on the open flame, high and hot, with just a little salt and pepper, and maybe finish it off with a little herbed compound butter.

Either way you can't go wrong with all that marbling and flavor.

- Chef Dane


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