The Legacy We Leave

The Legacy We Leave

I can't recall who I was recently listening to on a podcast, but they said they viewed the ultimate success of parenting as having kids that wanted to return home as adults.  I thought a lot about that after I heard him say that. I think the most important legacy we leave is the one we leave our children, but our legacy also impacts all of the people we come in contact with through life. 

We recently celebrated my Grandma Joyce's 90th birthday.  Also within the last month, sadly we mourned the loss of my Grandma Elaine, my first grandparent to pass away, who was 88 years old.  A dichotomy of celebration of life and mourning of a great life lost. I have been so fortunate to have the grandparents I have. All great people who made a positive mark on the world.

My Grandma Joyce, at her 90th birthday party, asked Seth if he had any recommendations for a funeral home in Caldwell, ID. That gave us a good chuckle. It made Seth so uncomfortable. Seth clearly hasn't done any research in that area. It provided a moment of consideration for me that my Grandma was so matter of fact about the question. 

I've thought about this all today and I think the thing I realized is that she knows her legacy is left and it is what it will be. At 90 years old, the life you've lived and the path you blazed has made its mark on your people. The rest is gravy. 

All of this has left me thinking more about the legacy we leave behind when we are no longer here. When we are no longer at a business. When our kids are no longer in our house.  When we move on in a relationship. Gosh, I know there are many things that I get wrong every day but I hope that a legacy of care and connection is felt with my people. I hope that legacy is felt with our beef customers.  I hope it's felt with our team members. I hope it's felt with my friends.

What do you hope your legacy will be? 
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awesome message

philip bishop

As a parent, raising successful adults who are out to continue to help those around them is a huge legacy. I feel grateful for my kids, and know the world is a better place because of them.


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