The Important Work

The Important Work

I was abruptly reminded of this lately. And for good reason.

I’m pretty sure that the world expects us to do it all, do it all well, have everything perfectly organized and squared away. And we get in that hustle and school, to work, to meetings, pickups, sports, ranch work, day job work...and sometimes those relationships closest to home suffer the most.

Ranch life is no joke, seven days a week, 365 days a year and long, tiring days. So when we get time to build quality relationships together, we should make it count.

Our kids will only be in our homes for so long and then they will go out and have their own lives and own families. I want to cherish the years that we have left with them in our old ranch house and build a strong foundational relationship with them now.  But it can be hard when the world wants us to go a million miles an hour, social media has us comparing ourselves to every other person on our feed and how they look like they have it all together.

I share this all with you as a reminder but more as a reminder for myself. If we do the work at home, truly put in the time and work, the outside world will take care of itself.

A sign I have in our house that I will be referencing and try to act upon more is by Mother Teresa, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” She couldn’t be more right. ️

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