The Hard Stuff

The Hard Stuff

On Sunday while we were checking on the heifers at Sierra del Rio. Seth noticed that one had started calving but seemed to be having some trouble. We let her be for 15-20 minutes while we checked the rest of the heifers and then came back around to her.
It didn’t look like she had made any progress and we couldn’t see see a hoof in the sack at all, which isn’t a good sign.

There are so many days that are rewarding and exciting, then there are days that are hard and challenging in ranching. Overall we have very good cows that don’t have too many problems calving and we don’t have to help many out. We use bulls that specifically offer a lower birth weight calf to help with this.

However, this heifer needed help, and we would have to pull her calf from her. This photo is of Seth helping to pull the calf from her. Unfortunately, the calf was dead before we ever pulled it. Through a 2 hour process, we helped pull the calf, which became a mission to assist the heifer and not to save the calf.

During calving season we check our herd multiple times each day.  Ranchers care for and watch over their herds with passion and commitment. We are lucky to not have lost too many calves this year. It’s never easy when it does happen. We work hard to improve genetics and care for and watch over our animals so that the risk of loss is greatly reduced but you can’t prevent everything.

While we show you so many of the great and exciting things on the ranch, I also wanted to share a moment of difficulty that still provides context for the care we give our herd.
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