Thankful for Family

Thankful for Family

“I’ve lived a good life.” My Grandpa Orren said that to me this weekend.

Simple and to the point and seemed like a period on the sentence of life.

The more I get into building this business and working to become a better version of myself in the process, the more I hear what he’s saying.

There’s a lot of noise out there of things that don’t matter and I’m all too often still distracted by them.

I looked around this weekend and got to see what my Grandpa Orren and Grandma Elaine had created together, through the good times and bad, a family that loves and cares about each other. A family that enjoys getting together and spending time doing fun things or nothing at all and reconnecting for a weekend.

A family of adult cousins that are creating successful lives for themselves and for the next generation of Vinger’s. I’m so proud of our family and the people we are.

Thank you Grandpa Orren and Grandma Elaine for the family you built, supported, and stuck with through the struggles to get to where we are today. Your legacy will continue on in all of us. It has no choice but to, thanks to your lead.

Yes, Grandpa, you’ve lived a good life and you and Grandma raised an amazing family in the process. 
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