mRNA Vaccine Use at Thomas Cattle Company

mRNA Vaccine Use at Thomas Cattle Company

We've had this question so much recently: Do you use vaccines that use mRNA technology? The short answer, no. And actually no ranchers in the USA do, because there are currently none that are approved for use in beef cattle.  

If those are available in the future, we wouldn't elect to use them. 

I'm really excited that these questions have come because it shows us how much people value the relationship that they have directly with their rancher. People have direct access to those that are raising their food. 

The joy of why we do this is that we know the people who consume our beef products and this allows for great transparency between those who are consuming it and buying it and those who are raising it. 

There is lots of misinformation out there on the internet and on social media so thank you for coming to us, your ranchers, to ask these important questions. 

Our goal at Thomas Cattle Company is to provide you quality beef that you can count on.  We are certified all natural by third parties, meaning our beef has no added hormones and that animal has never received antibiotics.

We focus on the health and care of our animals because we know that the better life they have, the more it will translate to premium quality beef for our customers. This begins with great animal husbandry practices, as well as the opportunity that our cattle have to graze tens of thousands of acres for most of the year. They eat forage in huge pastures in the Owyhee Mountains in Idaho and near our ranch at Ironside, OR. 

Thanks for allowing us to be your ranchers.  We don't take that responsibility lightly and we are here to answer your questions. 

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