Goodbye, Dot

Goodbye, Dot

The end of the decade and the end of an era at Thomas Cattle Company. 

On Tuesday, December 31, 2019, we laid Dot, the oldest ranch dog in our family to rest.  Dot was a staple here at TCC.

In April 2020 she would have been 15 years old.  15 is old for a dog but REALLY old for a working ranch dog.  She’s been retired for some time but was still the greeting committee at our house and office. At any given hour of the day (and night) you could hear her moving through the house, claws clacking on the hardwood floor and then a solid thud when she’d found her place to rest for the moment.  There’s already a different type of quietness within our house without her.

Dot existed at TCC a few years before I ever even came into the picture.  She was the original gal in Seth’s life.  We will miss her so much but know that she is no longer in pain and is enjoying being able to run around and chase cows once again. All dog’s go to Heaven, right?

It is a bittersweet way to close out our decade here at Thomas Cattle Company.  We will miss Dot and appreciate her part of the legacy that we are building here, she has been a part of our story in the lifestyle we live and the business we are working hard to build. Ranch dogs are our friends but they are also our business partners, helping us do our work in moving cows and helping facilitate order in doing so. (and sometimes disorder) They welcome us home when they see us coming, they confirm our presence and importance in their lives with just a quick glance and they hold a piece of our heart…as an important part of our families. What we do could not be accomplished without great dogs, and Dot was one of the best. We will miss you Dotty Patotty. Rest in Peace.

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