Feed and Fuel Your Family with Thomas Cattle Company's Beef Shares

Feed and Fuel Your Family with Thomas Cattle Company's Beef Shares

When it comes to nourishing your family with premium all natural Angus beef, Thomas Cattle Company stands out as a trusted source. With our range of beef share options, including whole, half, quarter, and even mini shares, TCC offers a unique opportunity to feed and fuel your family with premium all-natural Angus beef. In this blog post, we'll explore why choosing TCC's beef shares is the best way to provide your loved ones with the finest beef in Idaho.

Quality You Can Taste

At the heart of Thomas Cattle Company's offering is our commitment to providing the highest quality beef. For 85% of the life of our cattle, they graze feed in the Owyhee Mountains and our ranches in southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon.  The cows and calves head up the mountains in March and then in October and November of each year, we are moving them back down the mountains to our homeplace in Oreana, ID. 

For the remainder before harvest, they eat grass and alfalfa hay and some grain, which provides superior marbling, tenderness and rich taste in TCC all natural beef. Our beef never contains added hormones or antibiotics, it takes us a bit longer to get them to perfection, but we feel it's worth the wait. 

When you choose TCC's beef shares, you're investing in the superior taste and quality that comes from humanely raised and cared for cattle.

Control Over Your Cuts

One of the advantages of purchasing a beef share from TCC is the control you have over the cuts you receive when choosing a whole and half share. You work with TCC directly to select the specific cuts that best suit your family's preferences. This customization ensures that nothing goes to waste and that you get exactly what you need to create delicious and satisfying meals for months to come.

All shares will include ground beef, roasts, premium steaks, middle of the road steaks and an assortment of limited cuts like tri tip or flank steak.

Our beef share options offer – convenience, variety, and unbeatable flavor all in one package.


  • Mini Beef Share: Perfect option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a TCC beef share in a smaller size and for a smaller freezer. Each mini beef share includes a variety of cuts, and you will know exactly what cuts you'll receive. Fill your freezer (small or big) and enjoy the delicious fresh taste of TCC premium all natural beef at home.
  • ¼ Beef Share: A great solution for small households, this option provides a balanced selection of TCC cuts. With 1/4 beef, a standard set of cuts is selected for the customer. We split a half beef evenly between two customers.
  • ½ Beef Share: Ideal for larger families, the half beef share offers a substantial quantity of TCC cuts to keep your kitchen stocked with high-quality beef. With a 1/2 beef, you get to select the cuts you want and package sizes.
  • Whole Beef Share: If you have a deep freezer and plenty of mouths to feed, the full beef share is your best bet. You'll receive a wide array of TCC cuts to satisfy every beef lover. With a whole beef share, you get to select the cuts you want and package sizes.

View all of our beef share options and learn more.

Cost-Efficient and Convenient

Investing in a beef share from TCC is not only a delicious choice but also a budget-friendly one. Buying in bulk can save you money compared to purchasing individual cuts at the store or our site. Plus, it's incredibly convenient. With a freezer stocked with TCC beef, you'll always have a versatile and high-quality protein source readily available for your family's meals.

We're happy to set up payment arrangements that work for you. Many customers prefer to pay in a lump sum just before pickup, but we also have many customers that pay a set amount per pay period to reduce the lump sum due at the end. 

Peace of Mind

Knowing where your food comes from is increasingly important to many families today. When you choose TCC's beef shares, you gain peace of mind in knowing that your beef is sourced from a reputable and responsible ranch located in Oreana, Idaho. Thomas Cattle Company raises all natural Angus beef with exceptional attention to humane handling practices, a focus on consistency and attention to detail, and a superior focus on the health of the herd.

Feeding and fueling your family with Thomas Cattle Company's beef shares is a smart choice that combines quality, convenience, and cost-efficiency. By supporting responsible ranching, you not only ensure your family enjoys the finest Angus beef but also contribute to a more sustainable food system. Customize your share, savor the flavor, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family's meals are coming from a trusted source. 

Make the switch to TCC's beef shares today and taste the difference for yourself! Thomas Cattle Company offers beef share purchases year-round.

For our beef shares, TCC offers a monthly pickup option on one determined day each month. We can also ship beef shares (with the cost covered by the customer) to Idaho and neighboring states.


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