Do it Scared. Do it Terrified.

Do it Scared. Do it Terrified.

Today I was a guest on the @cattlemanu podcast. It will be coming out in the near future and I will be sure to share it when it’s available.

I talked a lot about this topic in my conversation with the host Karoline.

Do it scared.

Do it terrified.

Take the leap when you know that no one is going to catch you.

There are things that scare me everyday. There are things that scared me three years ago when I started this, I look back now and I’ve conquered them and moved onto new things to overcome.

I was scared when I left my corporate VP job for a much smaller salary and zero benefits.

I was scared this past week when we pitched to a large organization to sell our products in their stores.

My point is, there are always going to be things that are scary and we have to decide if the risk is worth the reward. I have always been a risk averse person…what I realized by being risk averse was that I also wasn’t giving myself the opportunity to fully lean into my talents, my passion and my heart, because I didn’t want to fail or because I thought I might look silly to someone on the outside.

There are days that completely suck, there are days that we get huge wins and I’m on cloud nine. The lesson I’ve learned over the past three years is that regardless of if you’ve had recent wins or recent failures, you just have to keep showing up.


Making mistakes.

Learning each day.



Wondering if it’s worth it.

Doubting yourself.

Whatever occurs.


So do it scared. Do it terrified. And take the leap when you have no one there to catch you. One day a time, one failure at a time, one success at a time, you will learn to be your own hero, and this, you will not regret. - Elizabeth

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