Building a New Loop is Better than Never Throwing One

Building a New Loop is Better than Never Throwing One

Every Sunday morning, I sit down and choose a quote that represents the last week and the experiences I had.

"Building a new loop is better than never throwing one" pretty much represents my entire last year. I’m a comfort zone person, as I’ve mentioned in the past. Seth is a put yourself into a corner you have to fight your way out of person. That provides interesting dynamics but it also gives me an up close and personal view to someone who builds new loops everyday. Seth is not scared to fail, he is scared to not try.

I recently had an opportunity that I did not get and I was sorely disappointed, I got beat out. Seth said he was more proud of me for that because I put myself out there and even though I didn’t get it, I tried and went into an area I’d never been and gave it my best shot at growing our beef business in a new direction. I failed but I still won because I overcame my fear and threw my loop.

I’m learning that life is about taking those chances and even when you hear ‘no’ you still are making progress because you’re learning and thickening your skin with each chance you take. And as Seth always tells me ‘if you never ask, the answer will always be ‘no.’

Go out there and keep throwing loops. The more you throw, the more likely a few will catch! 

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I originally came to your website to see if you listed any job opportunities and in so doing, I came across your blog. This particular snippet hit home for me as I just finished watching a documentary on Netflix called “Losers” where they talked to successful people whose professional career had ended but “losing” had changed their lives completely. Keep throwing that rope girl!

Jenie Jefferson

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