Becoming a Ranch Wife

Becoming a Ranch Wife

Becoming a ranch wife…
15 years ago, when I met Seth, I had zero idea how to be a ranch wife.
I’m still learning to this day but I’ve come a long ways.
Here’s a few things I’ve learned:

• Don’t count on plans. They change rapidly and get cancelled frequently due to something needing to be done on the ranch.

• You can do hard things. You can learn new things. You can step up to the plate to contribute even when it’s your first time doing something.

• You’ll need a pocket full of great recipes to feed large crowds on short notice.

• Your animals come first. Before social events, before vacation, etc. The #1 priority is care for our herd.

• Your involvement will vary through seasons of life. When kids are little, it will be harder, as they grow and become more independent, it becomes much easier to go and participate. Enjoy each stage, even the hard ones, they don’t last long.

• Have 2 backup items of food staples in your pantry. And get really good at googling how to make things from other ingredients…like buttermilk.

• As in life, try not to compare your ranch wife life and ranch operation to others. Each is it’s own unique place and trying to compare will only burn you out and steal your joy.

• Making cold lunches doesn’t end when your kids finish school.

• You’re maybe not a dog person but you better learn to love them because they are an important tool on the ranch and become an even more important part of your families’ lives.

• Living rural, when you’re not used to it, takes some getting used to but once you adjust, you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

• Learn how to function (and try to run a business) on bad internet. 

There’s much more but these are a few things that I’ve learned in the past 15 years of this ranch wife life. I sure didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I started dating Seth, but I’m sure glad this is where my path led. Right to middle of nowhere, Idaho. 
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