A Legacy as Great as the Grand Ole Opry

A Legacy as Great as the Grand Ole Opry

Recently we traveled to Nashville, TN to celebrate Seth's 40th birthday with a group of our good friends and siblings.  It was so much fun and WAY different than I was expecting. Note to self: Luke Combs is VERY popular and his concert will fill up the whole town of Nashville.

We visited many local historical sights and also went to the Grand Ole' Opry. That was an amazing experience. Each artist played 3 songs and spoke about their careers in between the songs.  There was something that really struck me when listening to them...

Riders in the Sky was one of the groups that we saw, they started in 1971. Did you know they have an original song on Toy Story? One of the other artists we saw was Brett Kissel, who is from Canada and is newer to country music. 

There were songwriters and background vocalists, as well as Gary LeVox from Rascal Flatts. Each of them discussed the importance of the Grand Ole Opry in their careers, new or old, and how proud they were to be a part of the legacy and grand reputation that it holds. This really struck a chord (pun intended) with me. Watching these artists come and sing and talk about the profound impact this place has had on their careers, it gave me goosebumps. 

To create a brand and a place that people flock to, artists and fans alike, is a reality few brands can achieve. Some of these artists are ridiculously successful, wealthy and at the top of their games, yet still make time to come back to the Opry and play (for free I assume) because of the heritage of this place and the impact it had on their careers. 

WSM radio plays these shows every night and has for over 98 years. That's pretty impressive, in todays all digital, streaming world, that a 98 year old radio station is still surviving and thriving to deliver these performances across the USA and world. 

We are a LONG ways from creating a brand and company this special but it's one of my aspirations. A place where people can come for quality beef, and be proud to tell their friends and family where they source their beef protein. Not just because of the quality of the beef, but because of the quality of the experience they get working with our team and becoming an extended part of the TCC family.

I hope to build a place where our team members can accomplish good work and even if they leave, look back and say 'I became a better person there.' These are my goals for Thomas Cattle Company. We still have a lot of work to do to create a legacy like the Opry but it's a goal worth striving for.

A brand that calls people back to the dinner table, to creating memories and to having great conversations that will help create a positive impact on this world. That is our goal and that is my dream. We've lots of hurdles to overcome but someday I hope one of our first ever customers is still choosing TCC beef and says 'I purchased from them when they were brand new, now here I am 35 years later, still choosing TCC to feed & fuel my family.' 

- Elizabeth 
Grand ole opry entrance Grand ole opry stage Seth and Elizabeth Thomas at Grand Ole Opry
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