Beef Share Cut Breakout

1/2 beef Thomas Cattle Co. beef share breakout

A rough estimate of cuts on half of a beef, based off an animal with a hang weight of 385. Please note these numbers all depends on the beef itself, steak thickness and what selections you make on your cut sheet but will give you a general idea.

For 1/4 beef share, divide by 2 and for a whole beef share multiply the counts below by 2. 

Chuck roast: about 8-9 packages (2-4#)

Brisket: 1 (unless cut in half, then two)

Rib steaks: you can choose to leave this as a prime rib roast or half prime rib roast half rib steaks
     All rib steaks: about 7 packages (2 per package)
Short ribs: about 9 packages (2 per package) you can choose to have these made into Korean Ribs. 

Skirt steak: about 3 packages

Flank steak: 1 package

T-bone: about 5 packages (2 per package)

Sirloin steak: about 4 packages (2 per package)

Rump roast: about 3 packages (2-4#) 

Sirloin tip roast: 2 (3-4#)

Cube steak: about 14 packages (2 per package)

Tri-tip: 1

Stew meat: 2 packages

Ground beef: about 75 pounds


Please note, the above breakout is a standard set of cuts. Osso Buco/Beef Shank, Marrow Bones, Heart, Liver, Kidney, and Tongue is all available upon request with 1/2 and Whole shares. Either leave a note at checkout or request it with your cut sheet.