Whole Beef Share Deposit

Whole Beef Share Deposit

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**Beef Shares are currently only available for local pickup, directly at the butcher.**

Vacuum seal wrap: $4.75/pound/hanging weight
White Butcher Paper: $4.50/pound/hanging weight

Fill your family's freezer with premium quality, Idaho beef from Thomas Cattle Co.  This is the absolute best value you'll get due to buying in bulk.

A $500 deposit is required to reserve a whole beef share. The remainder will be due in a payment plan that works for you or in one final lump sum payment due before pickup at the butcher.

With a whole beef, you get to select the cuts you want and talk directly with the butcher.  Get an approximate view of cuts and count you'll receive here.


All cut and wrap charges are covered by TCC and included in your total price per lb cost. All you’ll pay is the hanging weight times the cost per pound shown below, depending on which wrap type you prefer plus ID sales tax.

Both wrap options provide superior protection for freezing your beef and pulling it out to defrost as needed. White paper typically allows for a freezer life of one year while vacuum seal allows for one - two years freezer life.

White Butcher Paper: Wakefield Meats, Melba, Idaho 

Whole beef: $4.50/lb/hanging weight

Clear Vacuum Seal: Greenfield Custom Meats, Meridian, ID 

Whole beef: $4.75/lb/hanging weight

Weights will vary, as we finish them out until they meet our high standards for delivery to our customers.

For an idea of cost per wrap type: 

Vacuum seal: 800 lbs x $4.75 = $3,800+ tax = $4,028.00

Butcher paper: 800 lbs x $4.50= $3,600 + tax = $3,816.00

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