TCC Hunter Prep Bundle
TCC stew meat
TCC fajita strips
TCC 80/20 ground beef
TCC ground beef patties
TCC beef jerky
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The Hunter Prep Bundle

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 Our Hunter Prep Bundle is perfect for when you're out in the wild, chasing your passions and hunting for that perfect moment. And there's one thing that should never slow you down – your hunger. That's where Thomas Cattle Company comes in! We've curated a range of premium beef products that are not only delicious but also designed to keep the hungry hunter in you fully fueled and satisfied.

A hearty, slow-cooked stew that's packed with tender beef chunks, vegetables, and flavorful broth is the perfect way to warm up after a long day in the great outdoors.

For those nights around the campfire, our Fajita Strips are pre-sliced and ready to dump and cook. Create mouthwatering fajitas or add them to your favorite one-pot campfire recipes for a flavorful experience.

Versatile, easy to cook, and incredibly delicious – our 80/20 Ground Beef is the cornerstone of countless campfire classics. Whether you're whipping up chili, tacos, or a hearty skillet meal, TCC Ground Beef ensures your meals are packed with flavor and protein.

Our ready-to-cook patties make meal prep a breeze. Just toss them on the grill, add your favorite toppings, and enjoy a juicy, satisfying burger in minutes.

When you need a quick energy boost on the trail, TCC Beef Jerky is your best companion. Made from premium all natural Angus beef, it's tender, flavorful, and packed with protein. 

Included in Bundle:

[1] Stew/Kabob Meat (1-1.25 lb.)

[1] Fajita Beef Strips (1-1.25 lb.)

[2] Ground Beef (1 lb. each)

[1] Ground Beef Patties 2 lbs. (4 pack)

[1] Original Beef Jerky

[1] Owyhee Spicy BBQ Beef Jerky