“Hands down best beef I’ve ever eaten. The flavor is amazing. My kids get excited for dinner (and actually eat) when they know it’s TCC beef. I can’t wait until I have the opportunity to buy again!"

- Christy B.


“We bought some ground beef and different types of roast. We have been wanting to make the switch for a while, not being able to find meat in the grocery stores was our push.

I didn't tell the kids or husband I was using their ground beef for our spaghetti and everyone commented how good the meat tasted and asked what I seasoned with.

Top quality, you can taste the difference! Minimal fat in the ground beef. I wish we would have made the switch sooner!”

- Alexis G.


"Our family loves Thomas Cattle Co! The beef is insanely delicious & equally as important to us is the family behind it all! The Thomas' are an incredibly kind, generous, hardworking family. We will continually support them & share our love for what they do because of their commitment to their business & family. Putting the best quality beef on the dinner table is icing on the cake!

From contacting TCC with questions about a potential order, to the payment process, to working directly with the meat packing company, to picking up the order & taking it home to grill that night, the process was super simple. No red tape, no unanswered questions - you get high quality customer service & beef with TCC!"

-Lyndsey B.



"100% recommend ordering beef from this family ranch. From the moment I ordered half of a cow to the moment I got it in my freezer the communication was great and the payment process was flawless. The beef is excellent and knowing exactly where it came from is definitely a plus!"

- Grant B.



"The beef from Thomas Cattle Company is top notch!

Love knowing where our beef is coming from and the people we are purchasing from. Buy some. You won’t be disappointed!"

- Ashley Z.



"The best homegrown beef we've ever had, hands down. Amazing flavor, tender cuts. And the team at TCC are all so friendly and welcoming.

We will absolutely continue to purchase beef out of Oreana from them!"

- Heather S.



"We just purchased a 1/2 of beef and had our first T-bone steaks on the BBQ. So tasty and then the hamburger is perfect. Not very much grease in it at all.

Thank you so much for great beef."

- Debbie H.



“I am a customer for life! I have never had steak that is as tasty, tender and amazing as Thomas Cattle steaks.

The burger and roasts are the best I’ve ever had too!”

- Kristin S.



"The best beef we've had in a long time.

We'll be back for more...thanks."

- Larry V.



"Amazing product! Finally have had a chance to try several different cuts of our TCC beef. Every piece has been delicious and so flavorful. We are looking forward to many more meals highlighted by TCC Beef. Thanks to Elizabeth for making our purchase seamless! And of course to the Thomas Ranch families [Bob, Seth and Logan] for creating an unbelievable environment for Quality All Natural Angus Beef."

- Craig B.