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Congratulations, on helping your clients find their dream home! At Thomas Cattle Company, we understand the importance of creating memorable experiences for your clients as they settle into their new home. What better way to celebrate this significant milestone than with a gift that's sure to leave a lasting impression?

Introducing our specially curated selection of premium TCC beef, the ideal welcome home present for your clients. Our premium all natural Angus beef is unmatched with our quality, tenderness, and flavor. Whether your clients are grilling enthusiasts, culinary aficionados, or simply appreciate a homecooked meal around the table, our beef is bound to delight their taste buds and make them feel truly at home.

Why Choose TCC Beef for Your Clients?

Thomas Cattle Company raises all natural Angus beef with exceptional attention to humane handling practices, a focus on consistency and attention to detail, and a superior focus on the health of the herd.

In southwestern Idaho, the Thomas family raises their family and their herd in the mountain desert of the Owyhee's. With elevations that run from 2,700 feet up to 7,200 feet, there is a wide expanse of terrain for the herd to roam free, for most of the year, on tens of thousands of acres.

Humanely raising our Angus herd is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that the better care we take of our cattle, the better they will serve our end customer in their quality and product consistency. We take pride in our attention to detail in animal husbandry practices.

Give your clients the gift of a memorable dining experience. Our beef is succulent, flavorful, and guaranteed to impress anyone.

Enhance your professional image by personalizing your gift. Add custom labels or branded packaging featuring your real estate agency's logo and a heartfelt message to create a unique, thoughtful gesture.

Our user-friendly online ordering process allows you to place orders effortlessly. Select your desired cuts, quantities, and packaging options, and have the beef delivered directly to your office or your client's new home.

How It Works:

Browse our range of premium beef cuts, gift packages, and customizable options to find the perfect fit for your clients.

Easily place your order online, specifying any personalization preferences you may have.

Choose between convenient delivery to your office or directly to your client's new home. Alternatively, opt for pickup if you prefer a hands-on approach.

Present your clients with a gourmet welcome home gift that showcases your thoughtful consideration and commitment to their happiness.

Make a lasting impression with a gift of TCC beef as your go-to welcome home present and create a memorable experience for your clients as they step into their new chapter.

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